Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Sweet

Hello, readers!
Yesterday, last day of March, we (I and Love) had a double date with my bestie Patricia and her husband, Pangky. They had visited our depot at noon, but we couldn't have a chit chat because our depot was so crowded that time, thanks God :)
It's not enough ! We need to meet up. So we decided to have a dinner at Daily Sweet together. Never been there before and heard that there is a good place to hang out.

Some pics before dinner, just girls allowed =P

We ordered some foods, looks so tempting ^^
Spagheti aglio-olio bla bla bla *don't remember , just so so
Egg benedict, didn't taste it but Pangky said it's pretty good
Pesto Spagheti with dory, just so so
Cheese fondue, the one that worth
Spicy Spagheti Balado , which not spicy at all!
Cafe Latte, so tasteless
Mango Tango, mixed of mango-strawberry-orange, pretty good..
In my opinion, their foods is not delicious at all. The cheese fondue is pretty good because that's just fried dory and potato and chips! From 1 to 10, may I gave it 5? Maybe I ordered the wrong menus. I didn't know what their main course specialty since the waiter said their specialty is their cakes. :S But I must say that the place is so comfy and homie.

Time to pay a bill! Asked the waiter to took us some pics =)

Okey, it's not by the waiter anymore. Some by Love, some by Pangky
Kimberly inside!
While pay the bill.. 
Hows your Monday? Is that interesting?

See you on my next post!