Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ambrosia Dine & Lounge

Saturday, 9th August 2014. Time to attend a wedding reception at Dian Istana Club House. We came super late so we didn't get the dinner :'(
Well, that's just an excuse becausseeeee we want to have our own romantic dinner! Actually, this was Love's idea , since we saw a restaurant right next to the club house. Here we go, Ambrosia Dine and Lounge =)

Some snack before the meal, nice :)
Nichoise Salad, I just tasted the tuna because I don't like vegie
Mushroom cream soup, quite good. Better than Portofino's but still can't beat Resto Nine's
Love's, Mocha Cappucino
Mine, Hot chocolate. Not recommended!! Tasted like water with brown color >_<

Main course, forgot the name. But it's salmon rose! Sooo YUMMY!
Dessert, Strawberry Pannacota. SUPER NICE but I can't finished it because I was to full already.
Thanks Love !!
Super love you!

Cup and Crumbs

Another culinary post :) YES I LOVE EATING! No one doubt it xD
Few days ago I and Love went to new cafe called Cup and Crumbs, located in Manyar Kertoarjo V/19 Surabaya, Bonnet supermarket area.
We met up with Fendik there. Nothing to do just had a chit chat.

Here's the food and beverage's pics
Egg Benedict.. Actually this is a breakfast menu, but since I won't have a breakfast outside so I chose to try this. Not bad :)
Curly fries, well just a curly fries so nothing special. I bought this because Love didn't want to have a dinner.
Fendik bought this for us , thankyou ^^ Apple pie and what. I did't get the name. Like the right one but don't like the left one. But that doesn't mean it's bad, I just don't like apple in the cake/pie.
Oreo cookies blended, YUM ^^
Hot chocolate. Like it because it's not sweet.
Comeback? Maybe if someone asked me to go there again. Try it, pretty good :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Udon to try!

Sunday night, the only day that I and Love hang out longer. Why? Because tomorrow is Monday, and we can have some relax. Today we went to Tunjungan Plaza to buy holahoop (I'm on a diet, really). Not just two of us, we asked Silvy and Ditto to come with us. Well, just like another hang out routine, DIET IS ALWAYS SUCCESS FAILED!!!

My first failure : Starbucks Stawberry cheesecake. Bought this because Silvy look for wifi connection to email someone but it failed in the end though.
Trying this new flavour and it's so nice! LOVE IT!
And then Ditto wanted to have dinner, then WE (on diet people) suggested him to go to Marugame Udon (new dine place at Tunjungan Plaza). Soooo, here comes the second failure :

Cuttlefish tempura, Tofu skin, Ebi tempura x NIKU UDON
 Their food are nice, worth to try and make me want to back there again someday to try another menu =) Ohh come on Yenny you're on a diet!!!

Time to selfies? HERE YOU GO! Don't exit now please x)
Silly pose
See you on my next post ^^

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I just so excited about this note! What note? Legacy note? Or what? Nooo! This is my new Samsung Note 3! Finally, I got it ^^ I had the rose gold black one! Super luxe.. One story behind this note, and I'm so thankful!

Say goodbye to my old Samsung note 10.1"

Anddd please welcome my new one!!

Thank GOD =)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Sweet

Hello, readers!
Yesterday, last day of March, we (I and Love) had a double date with my bestie Patricia and her husband, Pangky. They had visited our depot at noon, but we couldn't have a chit chat because our depot was so crowded that time, thanks God :)
It's not enough ! We need to meet up. So we decided to have a dinner at Daily Sweet together. Never been there before and heard that there is a good place to hang out.

Some pics before dinner, just girls allowed =P

We ordered some foods, looks so tempting ^^
Spagheti aglio-olio bla bla bla *don't remember , just so so
Egg benedict, didn't taste it but Pangky said it's pretty good
Pesto Spagheti with dory, just so so
Cheese fondue, the one that worth
Spicy Spagheti Balado , which not spicy at all!
Cafe Latte, so tasteless
Mango Tango, mixed of mango-strawberry-orange, pretty good..
In my opinion, their foods is not delicious at all. The cheese fondue is pretty good because that's just fried dory and potato and chips! From 1 to 10, may I gave it 5? Maybe I ordered the wrong menus. I didn't know what their main course specialty since the waiter said their specialty is their cakes. :S But I must say that the place is so comfy and homie.

Time to pay a bill! Asked the waiter to took us some pics =)

Okey, it's not by the waiter anymore. Some by Love, some by Pangky
Kimberly inside!
While pay the bill.. 
Hows your Monday? Is that interesting?

See you on my next post!