Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Udon to try!

Sunday night, the only day that I and Love hang out longer. Why? Because tomorrow is Monday, and we can have some relax. Today we went to Tunjungan Plaza to buy holahoop (I'm on a diet, really). Not just two of us, we asked Silvy and Ditto to come with us. Well, just like another hang out routine, DIET IS ALWAYS SUCCESS FAILED!!!

My first failure : Starbucks Stawberry cheesecake. Bought this because Silvy look for wifi connection to email someone but it failed in the end though.
Trying this new flavour and it's so nice! LOVE IT!
And then Ditto wanted to have dinner, then WE (on diet people) suggested him to go to Marugame Udon (new dine place at Tunjungan Plaza). Soooo, here comes the second failure :

Cuttlefish tempura, Tofu skin, Ebi tempura x NIKU UDON
 Their food are nice, worth to try and make me want to back there again someday to try another menu =) Ohh come on Yenny you're on a diet!!!

Time to selfies? HERE YOU GO! Don't exit now please x)
Silly pose
See you on my next post ^^