Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ambrosia Dine & Lounge

Saturday, 9th August 2014. Time to attend a wedding reception at Dian Istana Club House. We came super late so we didn't get the dinner :'(
Well, that's just an excuse becausseeeee we want to have our own romantic dinner! Actually, this was Love's idea , since we saw a restaurant right next to the club house. Here we go, Ambrosia Dine and Lounge =)

Some snack before the meal, nice :)
Nichoise Salad, I just tasted the tuna because I don't like vegie
Mushroom cream soup, quite good. Better than Portofino's but still can't beat Resto Nine's
Love's, Mocha Cappucino
Mine, Hot chocolate. Not recommended!! Tasted like water with brown color >_<

Main course, forgot the name. But it's salmon rose! Sooo YUMMY!
Dessert, Strawberry Pannacota. SUPER NICE but I can't finished it because I was to full already.
Thanks Love !!
Super love you!

Cup and Crumbs

Another culinary post :) YES I LOVE EATING! No one doubt it xD
Few days ago I and Love went to new cafe called Cup and Crumbs, located in Manyar Kertoarjo V/19 Surabaya, Bonnet supermarket area.
We met up with Fendik there. Nothing to do just had a chit chat.

Here's the food and beverage's pics
Egg Benedict.. Actually this is a breakfast menu, but since I won't have a breakfast outside so I chose to try this. Not bad :)
Curly fries, well just a curly fries so nothing special. I bought this because Love didn't want to have a dinner.
Fendik bought this for us , thankyou ^^ Apple pie and what. I did't get the name. Like the right one but don't like the left one. But that doesn't mean it's bad, I just don't like apple in the cake/pie.
Oreo cookies blended, YUM ^^
Hot chocolate. Like it because it's not sweet.
Comeback? Maybe if someone asked me to go there again. Try it, pretty good :)